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Contact Tracing as a Service

Community response to help public health agencies fight the spread of COVID-19

To successfully lift social distancing measures and re-open our global economy, public health agencies must conduct rigorous contact tracing to reduce COVID-19 exposure or risk additional waves of outbreaks.
Clear Key Solutions' Contact Tracing as a Service is a comprehensive community response solution to enable prevention, mitigation and protection.

Contact Tracing Building Blocks


Empathetic response to surging COVID-19 inquiries and self-reported cases plus constituent education to minimize the spread using our skilled, efficient contact center support resources.


Identifying, notifying and monitoring people exposed to COVID-19 using contact tracers and proven technological tools to speed interoperability and collaboration.


Containing the spread of COVID-19 and reducing the strain on the healthcare system with highly skilled and experienced community response representatives.

Clear Key Solutions fully recognizes the challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic and stands ready to respond to your agency’s contact tracing requirements during this emergency. We will work with you to support your staff resources and quickly deploy the contact tracers and constituent service representatives per your requirements. Our solution is customizable to quickly leverage your existing resources and rapidly ramp up contract tracing services to meet your needs.

Clear Key Solutions Contact Tracing as a Service is customizable to meet your agency’s unique requirements. Our menu of services include:

COVID Contact Support

Interactive contact center support to help address increased volume of inbound calls, provide basic information on disease guidance and prevention, daily patient symptom surveys, as well as references to additional community benefits and emergency programs.

COVID Contact Tracing

Skilled constituent service representatives and configurable technology help you perform efficient contact tracing at the scale required. Our contact tracers and technology enable disease investigation, notification, monitoring and support for COVID-19 patients and those exposed, to help reduce the spread of the virus. These solutions can be deployed together or independently.

COVID Case Management

Proficient community response using clinically trained staff who can conduct face-to-face interviews, COVID-19 case investigations or respond to your local assisted living facility requirements. Our skilled case managers can also help people in isolation or quarantine to acquire food, medication, preliminary tests, or other necessities as needed during the quarantine period.