Blockchain Solutions for Finance, Accounting and Procurement

Our Blockchain Solutions for Finance, Accounting and Procurement create new levels of efficiency and traceability in Source to Pay (S2P) and Order to Cash (O2C), reduce manual processes and provide real-time insights – allowing you to transform operations and make informed decisions faster.


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Blockchain Solutions for Finance, Accounting and Procurement

CFOs, Supply Chain and Procurement leaders are under increasing pressure to do more with less, while modernizing their finance and accounting systems. They want to be strategic business partners that help their organization drive digital transformation. So it’s no surprise that 48% aren’t satisfied with their digital operations.

Companies need to ensure they are getting the right parts at the best prices, and they need to get them quickly in order to meet business demands, but delays in pricing negotiation, delivery, and dispute resolution lead to operational inefficiencies. Discrepancies also arise from multiple versions of truth due to siloed accounting systems, fragmented databases, and varying standards.

Modernize process efficiency, reduce manual transactions, increase transparency and security while providing real-time insights with Blockchain Solutions from Clear Key Solutions.

Blockchain Solutions for Finance, Accounting and Procurement:

  • Enable secure networks where information about physical or digital assets can be sent to members of an ecosystem simultaneously.

  • Allow members to send and receive messages and share information securely, while also ensuring that it can only be shared on a need-to-know basis.

  • Enable greater speed, transparency and security with shared ecosystems for buyers, suppliers and logistics providers — and help them interact seamlessly with common standards.

  • Offer no-touch processes from order capture to billing, collections and reporting — for reduced fraud and error.

  • Guarantee accurate, faster automated calculation and disbursement of payments with provable smart contracts.

  • Facilitate more standardized, timely data on both financial and operational performance.

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